Utility Rates

Published: February 20th, 1997

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David S. O’Brien, Director

The Physical Plant Division is the primary provider of utilities to the University of Florida campus community. PPD strives to keep rates as low as possible for these services, unfortunately, there are certain circumstances beyond our control Our main supplier of electricity, Florida Power Corporation, has elected to increase the rate to cover fuel adjustment costs while the nuclear facility is out of service. This increase, along with a smaller one in September necessitates a rate increase to our customers.

The utilities rates will be adjusted for March 1 consumption as follows:

  Electricity    $.0629 / KWH 
  Chilled Water  $85.94 / KTH 
  Water          $.79 / KGAL (no change)
  Sewage         $1.57 / KGAL 
  Steam          $3.40 / KLB (no change)

The goal of PPD is to provide a single rate to campus for each utility. This rate will be adjusted annually as needed. Every effort is made to provide these services to campus at the lowest possible rate. However, due to increased operating and raw material costs this past year and proposed rate increases for next year, we are forced to increase our rates. The utility rates for fiscal year 97/98 will be as follows:

  Electricity    $.0654 / KWH 
  Chilled Water  $87.55 / KTH 
  Water          $.85 / KGAL 
  Sewage         $1.63 / KGAL 
  Steam          $3.54 / KLB

Telephone and motor pool rates are still under consideration and PPD will publish these rates as soon as we have them available. Please give us a call if you need any further information.

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