Employee Exit Checklist

Published: May 30th, 1997

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Jack Heidler, Director

When an employee (faculty, USPS, or A&P) leaves University of Florida employment, there are a lot of details a department must focus on so as to tie up loose ends resulting from the employee’s termination. To simplify the termination process, there are two forms departments need to complete-the employee exit checklist and the payroll termination change action form, both of which are available in open stock from Printing and Graphics.

Exit Checklist
For a department’s internal use, this form was designed to help make the termination process more structured, easier to follow, and ultimately more effective. The purpose of the exit checklist is to ensure public resources are recovered and access to employment-related equipment is terminated. Exit checklists also should be used when an employee moves from one University of Florida department to another. Departments are asked to retain completed checklists as part of the permanent record. A copy of this form is attached for your reference.

Change Action Form
While this form always has been necessary for payroll purposes, it also serves to document officially why the employee is leaving. In lieu of conducting an exit interview, each department simply must list the employee’s reason for separation on the change action form. The appropriate form listed below should be used:

Faculty and A&P employees                 Form 250 Rev. 4/96
USPS employee                             Form CS/T125 Rev. 7/95

What About Exit Interviews?
Because departments have obtained the employee’s separation reason by completing the change action form and ensured they have recouped any university property or access to property, formal exit interviews no longer are required. However, the Central Employment Center and all personnel satellite offices will continue to provide exit interviews for employees wishing to provide feedback about their employment with the university. Furthermore, departments, at their discretion, also may conduct exit interviews.

Confirmation of Resignations
Departments should confirm all verbal resignations in writing to ensure that there is a permanent record of the employee’s resignation and to bring formal closure to the termination process.

Questions regarding the termination process may be referred to Don Monroe, Assistant Director of Employee Relations, 392- 1072, or the personnel satellite of fire serving your area. We look forward to assisting you.


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