Decal Enforcement – Summer Break – Term C

Published: June 5th, 1997

Category: Memos

Greg DuBois, Director

Decal restrictions will be lifted in all RED I and III, COMMUTER, PARK-N-RIDE, SCOOTER ZONE, and ALL DECAL lots Monday, June 23, 1997 through Friday, June 27, 1997.

All ORANGE, BLUE, AND FAMILY HOUSING lot restrictions will remain in effect.

Meter enforcement will be lifted in all areas except the Health Center.

Enforcement will be reinstated in all areas Monday, June 30, 1997.

Decal restrictions will be lifted in all areas on Friday, July 4, 1997 which is an official University Holiday.
NOTE: All individual reserved spaces, service drives, handicap spaces and no parking zones are enforced “AT ALL TIMES!”

All persons with Park-N-Ride decals may park in the Commuter lots during the summer semester.

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