Expanded payroll sign-up procedures

Published: June 20th, 1997

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Jack Heidler, Director

To save time and give departments more control, new University Support Personnel System (USPS) employees now should be signed up for payroll using the same procedures currently in place for OPS, A&P, and faculty: in the department! Payroll sign-up forms to be completed on the employee’s first day of employment include:

  • W-4 card (available from Processing and Records)
  • I-9 employment eligibility form (available from Printing and Graphics)
  • Four-part form — loyalty oath, invention and copyright agreement, controlled substance questionnaire, and retirement plan form (available from Printing and Graphics)
  • FRS M10 personal history record (available from Printing and Graphics)

See the list below for help completing these forms. Completed payroll forms should be forwarded immediately to the Central Employment recruiter responsible for the position.

This procedure will benefit you and your new USPS employees in the following ways:

  • Timely first paychecks: Personnel payroll data no longer will be delayed until the new employee attends orientation. As a result, new appointments will be entered into the payroll system promptly, ensuring the employee receives his or her first paycheck in a timely manner.
  • Fewer emergencies: Requests for emergency checks and supplemental certification activity will be reduced.
  • Shorter orientation: The time new employees spend in orientation will be shortened by approximately 30 minutes.

New USPS employees still are required to attend orientation and should be scheduled for the first available session. University Personnel Services designed the USPS new employee orientation program to help explain UF’s policies and procedures — a key component in helping employees understand their rights and responsibilities and provide an overview of the many available benefits.

We are hopeful that you and your staff will view this expanded procedure as a positive benefit to your departments and director of Central services satellite office.staff. Should you have questions concerning this process, please call Greg Marwede, assistant Employment, at 392-4621, send e-mail to greg-marwede@ufl.edu, or contact your personnel services satellite office.


The I-9 Form
Employee should complete section 1 ONLY
Use employee’s full name — Including maiden name if appropriate
Date of birth — xx/xx/xx
Be sure to check appropriate citizenship box on bottom right of section 1
Please sign and date!
Department should complete rest of form
To verify eligibility, please see back of I-9 form for acceptable forms of identification
Questions? Call Central Employment at 392-4621!

FRS Personal History Record (M-10)
List social security number, full name
Prior name needed only if employed under FRS before
Designate beneficiaries

Three options (select only one):

  1. As provided by statute–see form
  2. Primary with contingencies
  3. Jointly (total must = 100 %)

*Attach copy of employee’s social security card
Questions? Call University Retirement at 392-4941!

W-4 Form
How is employee’s name typed on social security card? Sign name that way!!!
Write in un-shaded areas ONLY
Fill in information as appropriate
Use the key on bottom left for race code
*Attach copy of employee’s social security card as designated
Questions? Call Processing and Records at 392-1204!

Four-Part Form

  1. Loyalty Oath
    List name, social security number, home phone
    Complete top half only Must be notarized
  2. Invention and Copyright Agreement
    Currently not completed by USPS employees!
  3. Controlled Substance Questionnaire
    Check “yes” or “no”
  4. FRS
    Is employee retired from any FRS plan?
    Check “yes” or “no”
    Please sign and date

Questions? Call Processing and Records at 392-1204!

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