Tenure, Permanent Status and Promotion Workshops for Faculty and Staff

Published: June 26th, 1997

Category: Memos

Rita Cowan, Administrative Services Coordinator

Below are listed the dates, times and locations of tenure, permanent status and promotion workshops that we will be conducting to assist faculty, administrators, and staff in understanding and using the packet format and to explain the University’s process.

Please provide notification to the employees in your area of the schedule.

Academic Affairs would like to encourage the attendance not only of those who will be preparing packets this year, but also members of this year’s college/unit review boards, new hires, and other faculty who may be going through the process in the near future.

      DATE                      TIME                LOCATION
Wednesday, July 9, 1997    10:00 -  Noon       Room C1-7 Health Center
Tuesday, July 22, 1997      1:30 -  3:30 PM    Room C1-3 Health Center
Monday, August 11, 1997     1:30 -  3:30 PM    282 Reitz Union
Thursday, August 28, 1997   9:00 - 11:00 AM    282 Reitz Union
Wednesday, Sept. 3, 1997    1:30 -  3:30 PM    282 Reitz Union

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