Intellectual Property Agreement

Published: July 22nd, 1997

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Dr. Catherine Longstreth, Associate Vice President Jack Heidler, Director

The University of Florida’s new Intellectual Property Policy affects the obligation of all university personnel in disclosing certain works and inventions that they develop or discover.

Recently, the University’s Intellectual Property Policy, which authorizes the University to license, protect, and otherwise deal with the work products of University employees was revised. Rule 6C1-7.0392, Florida Administrative Code, requires all University of Florida personnel to disclose certain works and inventions that may be developed or discovered while affiliated with the University. This disclosure requirement also is found in Article 18 of the Collective Bargaining Agreement between the Board of Regents and the United Faculty of Florida which governs faculty members in the collective bargaining unit. Both the rule and the collective bargaining agreement set forth the standards under which the University’s ownership of such works and inventions is determined.

New form
In order to comply with both the rule and collective bargaining agreements, the Intellectual Property Agreement (formerly Invention and Copyright Agreement) has been revised to reflect the new policy. Effective immediately, all new employees are required to complete the Intellectual Property Agreement section of Form UPS 50 along with the Loyalty Oath, Controlled Substance Questionnaire, and the Florida Retirement Plan sections as part of the payroll sign-up process at the University. For your convenience, a copy of Form UPS 50 (revised 7/97) reflecting these changes in policy is attached.

Who must complete the revised Form UPS 50?
All new full- and part-time “university personnel” including faculty; Administrative and Professional (A&P); University Support Personnel System (USPS); and Other Personal Services (OPS); appointees of the University, including certain faculty members and all volunteers; persons paid by or through the University, including fellows; and anyone working under University auspices must complete the form. Students who are encompassed within any of these categories also are considered “university personnel.”

When to start using the new form and where to get copies
Please begin using the revised UPS 50 form immediately and discard old versions. Form UPS 50 (revised 7/97) is available in open stock at Printing and Graphics, (352) 392-1134, SunCom 622-1134.

Contact the Office of Technology Licensing at 392-8929, SunCom 622-8929 with questions regarding the Intellectual Property Agreement policy. Questions about the payroll sign-up process should be directed to the Academic Personnel Office at (352) 392-1251, Suncom 622-1251 if related to academic appointments or Processing and Records at (352) 392-1204, Suncom 622-1204 if related to non-academic appointments.

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