Medical Monitoring For New Faculty And Academic Hires

Published: January 29th, 1998

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Michael Huey, M.D., Director, Student Health Care Center

For many years, the University of Florida has provided Pre-Placement Physical examination and on-going medical monitoring for employees in a variety of at-risk classifications. This included employees involved in heavy lifting and other intensely physical activities, respiratory users, individuals working in high sound level environments, individuals with patient care responsibilities (including those impacted by bloodborne pathogen requirements), and individuals with animal contact. In August 1997, with the recommendation of the UF Division of Environmental Health and Safety, Provost Capaldi extended the medical monitoring program to new faculty and academic hires. Dr. Capaldi agreed that new academic staff and faculty in certain at-risk departments should receive the same evaluations, monitoring and protection provided to USPS and A & P employees.

The UF Student Health Care Center (SHCC), located in the Infirmary Building on the central campus, manages the Occupational Medicine Program for the University. Pre-placement and health assessment evaluations are tailored to the individual job description and include ancillary testing or procedures (spirometry, immunizations, TB testing and the like) when the employment situation indicates. By performing appropriate pre-placement evaluations, the SHCC and the University attempt to minimize both the risk of the employee and the liability to the institution. Of course, all patients, including employees and perspective employees, have a right to maintain the confidentiality of their medical information. Many of the questions that are asked on a pre-placement physical examination, while they may have an important impact on the employee’s ability to safely perform the described job duties, cannot and should not be shared with the employer or perspective employer. The SHCC also recognizes that employer’s, including the University and its departments, are entitled to counsel about the medical fitness of individuals in relation to work, but are not entitled to diagnoses or details of a specific nature. The SHCC reports the findings of pre-placement physical examinations to the University and its Environmental Health and Safety Division via the Health Assessment Management System (HAMS) as follows:

  1. Recommended
  2. Recommended With Restrictions (With specific duty restrictions or limitations listed)
  3. Not Recommended

When the Department requires job duties that meet the criteria for a pre-placement physical examination or other health assessment, the new faculty or academic hire will be notified. Pre-placement physical examinations are performed at the SHCC on Monday and Tuesday mornings. The prospective faculty or academic hire can be given an appointment time by calling 392-1161 Ext. 4259. Although the SHCC has a limited number of appointment slots available each week, we attempt to work with the departments to minimize any delays in the hiring process. Charges for pre-placement physical examinations, medical monitoring procedures, required laboratory testing and immunizations will be billed to the faculty member’s individual department. I have attached a letter for you to share with your new faculty or academic employees prior to the time of their visit to the SHCC.

If you have any questions regarding the University’s pre-placement screening and medical monitoring programs, please feel free to contact me at 392-1161 Ext. 4220 or by E-mail at Thank you for your assistance with this process.

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