1998 Orientation and Preview Dates

Published: February 4th, 1998

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Philip E. Strong, Assistant Dean and Director of Orientation Programs,

The Office of Student Services is pleased to announce the 1998 Dates for Orientation and Preview programs. We look forward to assisting our new students and their families in their transition to the University. Please contact me at your convenience should you have any questions or concerns.


1998 PREVIEW and Orientation Dates
PREVIEW I (Summer B Students)

A Monday, May 18 Tuesday, May 19 OASIS
B Wednesday, May 20 Thursday, May 21
C Tuesday, May 26 Wednesday, May 27 OASIS
D Thursday May 28 Friday, May 29
E Sunday, May 31 Monday, June 1 OASIS
F Tuesday, June 2 Wednesday, June 3
G Thursday, June 4 Friday, June 5
H Monday, June 8 Tuesday, June 9

PREVIEW 11 (Fall Students & Fall Lower Division Transfers)

A Monday, June 15 Tuesday, June 16
B Wednesday, June 17 Thursday, June 18
June 19 Upper Division Fall Transfer Students
C Sunday, June 21 Monday, June 22
June 23 Summer BB
D Wednesday, June 24 Thursday, June 25
June 26 Regular Summer B
E Monday, June 29 Tuesday, June 30
F Wednesday, July 1 Thursday, July 2
G Monday, July 6 Tuesday, July 7
H Wednesday, July 8 Thursday, July 9
Camp UF Thursday, July 9 Friday, July 10
July 10 Upper Division Fall Transfer Students
I Tuesday, July 14 Wednesday, July 15
J Thursday, July 16 Friday, July 17
K Sunday, July 19 Monday, July 20
L Tuesday, July 21 Wednesday, July 22
M Thursday, July 23 Friday, July 24


March 20 All Summer Transfer Students
April 8 Upper Division Fall Transfer Students
May 8 Regular Summer A (All Students)
June 19 Upper Division Fall Transfer Students
June 23 Summer BB
June 26 Regular Summer B (All Students)
July 10 Upper Division Fall Transfer Students
August 20 Regular Fall (All Students)
August 21 Regular Fall (All Students)


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