Proposed amendments to University of Florida Rules

Published: February 3rd, 1998

Category: Memos

Pamela J. Bernard, General Counsel

RE:Proposed amendments to University of Florida Rules 6C1-1.001, 6C1-1.002, 6C1-1.003, 6C1-1.004, 6C1-1.005, 6C1-1.008, 6C1-1.012, 6C1-1.013, 6C1-1.014, 6C1-1.051, 6C1-1.200, 6C1-1.201, 6C1-2.002, 6C1-3.0039, 6C1-2.004, 6C1-2.005, 6C1-2.006, 6C1-2.007, 6C1- 2.008, 6C1-2.009, 6C1-2.010, 6C1-2.011, 6C1-2.012, 6C1-2.013, 6C1-2.014, 6C1-2.015, 6C1-2.017, 6C1-2.020, 6C1-3.001, 6C1-3.002, 6C1-3.0023, 6C1-3.017, 6C1-3.025, 6C1-3.030, 6C1-3.035, 6C1-3.0371, 6C1-3.0373, 6C1-3.038, 6C1-3.042, 6C1-3.0421, 6C1-3.043, 6C1-3.044, 6C1-3.047, 6C1-3.048, 6C1-3.050, 6C1-3.057, 6C1-3.059, 6C1-4.001, 6C1-4.003, 6C1-4.011, 6C1-4.012, 6C1-4.016, 6C1-4.020, 6C1-4.030, 6C1-4.031, 6C1-4.033, 6C1-4.034, 6C1-4.036, 6C1-5.001, 6C1-5.071, 6C1-5.0761, 6C1-5.0762, 6C1-5.077, 6C1-5.081, 6C1-6.002, 6C1-6.008, 6C1-6.011, 6C1-6.013, 6C1-6.016, 6C1-6.017, 6C1-6.020, 6C1-6.021, 6C1-7.001, 6C1-7.0011, 6C1-7.0031, 6C1-7.004, 6C1-7.010, 6C1-7.013, 6C1-7.017, 6C1-7.018, 6C1-7.022, 6C1-7.025, 6C1-7.028, 6C1-7.0321, 6C1-7.041, 6C1-7.042, 6C1-7.048, 6C1-7.050, 6C1-7.052, 6C1-7.053, 6C1-7.054, 6C1-7.057, 6C1-7.059, 6C1-7.069, 6C1-7.070

Attached are copies of the Notices of Proposed Rulemaking for the above-mentioned rules which are proposed for adoption or revision by the University. Please distribute and post the notices upon receipt.


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