Increased Maximum Bonus Payment

Published: February 19th, 1998

Category: Memos

Jack Heidler, Director

We are pleased to announce an increase in the maximum bonus payment allowed for both A&P employees and USPS employees who are exempt from the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). Under the revised rule 6C-5.915, the new maximum bonus payment for A&P and exempt USPS employees is fifteen percent of the employee’s base rate of pay. Maximum bonus payments for USPS employees who are not exempt from the FLSA remains ten percent of the employee’s annual base pay or $3000 (before taxes), whichever is greater.

Should you have questions about the new bonus pay guidelines, please call Steve Wing, Assistant Director, Classification and Compensation, at (352) 392-1213, Suncom 622-1213, TDD 392-7734, or e-mail

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