Organizational Changes

Published: February 24th, 1998

Category: Memos

Jack Heidler, Director

In an ongoing effort to provide you with the best customer service, University Personnel Services announces certain organizational changes effective immediately. These changes enable us to maximize our resources and enhance our operational efficiency.

We have moved all services previously provided through Employee Development to other functional areas. The services we provide remain the same, although we no longer host a functional area called Employee Development.

  • Training & Development and USPS/A&P performance appraisal administration now fall under Employee Relations & Development, headed by newly appointed Assistant Director Kim Czaplewski. The new address for these areas is P.O. Box 115003; the new phone number is 392-1072.
  • Central Leave Administration is now part of the Classification & Compensation team headed by Assistant Director Steve Wing. The new address for Central Leave Administration is P.O. Box 115001. The new phone number for leave-related matters is 392-5732.

If you visit any of these offices on the third floor of the Stadium, you will find some staff have moved within a few doors of their previous locations. Rest assured that signs and helpful staff will quickly direct you to the correct room!

As we announce these changes, please know that we are committed to an all-important constant: to provide the best customer service possible. Please look for our updated organizational chart on our web site soon! Should you have any questions or comments, please contact me via e-mail,, or by phone, 392-1075.

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