University of Florida Travel Services Contracts

Published: August 19th, 1998

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John P. Kruczek, University Controller

As announced in Controller’s Memorandum Number 99-04, issued August 7, 1998, effective August 24, 1998, the University has contracted with several travel agencies to provide travel services to the University of Florida. These travel agencies are referred to as “Preferred Travel Agencies”. As stated, all airfare reservations initiated on or after August 24, 1998, for University travelers based in Alachua County, must be made through one of the Preferred Travel Agencies. Any travel reservations ticketed with another agency prior to August 24, 1998, will be honored for reimbursement.

A college or administrative unit may mandate the use of one of the Preferred Travel Agencies or they may elect to use more than one. Regardless of which Preferred Travel Agencies are utilized, the contract will consistently provide some excellent benefits to each University department. The benefits include:

  • The ability to collect useful management information regarding travel costs
  • Established standards of service
  • Opportunity to obtain the lowest available fares
  • Diner’s Club Ghost Card accounts for direct charging of airfare, including benefits offered by Diner’s Club
  • Opportunity to earn commissions based on volume of travel

In order to ensure that all faculty and staff are fully informed, a Statement of Preferred Travel Agency Services and Travel Services Contract Policy and Procedures, including a list of the Preferred Travel Agencies, is attached. This additional information is intended to provide you with a full understanding of the contract and the related policy.

Information regarding the Travel Services Contract and the TRRIPS (Travel Request and Reimbursement Information Processing System) is available at the University Travel Services, Finance and Accounting Website at This will include announcements of future training workshops that will be provided. We will also announce a date, time and location for a Travel Fair, planned for September that will give you an opportunity to meet representatives of all of the Preferred Travel Agencies.

Please be assured that the University will monitor the performance of the Preferred Travel Agencies. Your feedback regarding their performance will be an important part of that process. The goal is to provide to all University departments consistent, full-service travel assistance, at minimum cost, with a profit-sharing relationship. To facilitate this and to ensure that your department receives the benefits of the contracts, it will be necessary for you and your staff to adhere to the University policies and procedures. If you have any questions regarding the Travel Services Contract, please call me or Bonnie Cauthon at 392-1321 or Monica Thames-Lamar at 392-1245.

Thank you for your assistance and cooperation in this matter.


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