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Published: August 21st, 1998

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Elizabeth D. Capaldi, Provost

Included below is a copy of a memorandum recently mailed to students who are expected to be assessed the statutory repeat course surcharge. It will be mailed to all undergraduate students in September, when the majority of local student addresses are updated.

The “excess hours surcharge” will not be implemented this fall since no legislative authority has been provided for the 1998-99 academic year.

Please assure that this information is circulated to all staff and faculty advisors.


August 10, 1998


To: All Undergraduate Students

From: Elizabeth D. Capaldi, Provost


Beginning Fall 1998, the legislature requires that each university in the State University System, including the University of Florida, implement a new course fee surcharge for undergraduate courses. Any undergraduate course (those numbered 1000-4999) taken at UF three or more times, in or subsequent to Fall 1997, will be subject to a repeat course surcharge of $153.06 per credit hour. This new fee is mandated by Florida Statute 240.124 and Florida Administrative Code Rule 6C-7.001. Certain exemptions are permitted; such as:

  • Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs; 08/13/1998Any course(s) taken or repeated prior to Fall 1997.
  • Approved participation in cooperative education courses.
  • Military science courses with prefixes of MIS, AFR and NSC.
  • Individual study courses numbered x900 to x999
  • Courses identified as repeatable (to the limit allowed) on the curriculum inventory.
  • Courses designed to take multiple semesters to complete.
  • Courses taken at other institutions.
  • Withdrawals or dropped courses that do not result in fee payment.

For curriculum questions regarding this new surcharge, please contact your academic adviser. If you have questions related to assessment or billing, please contact:

University Financial Services
113 Criser Hall
PO Box 114050
Gainesville, FL 32611-4050
(352) 392-0181

The purpose of this charge is to discourage repeating courses unnecessarily.

Please note that you can take an undergraduate course (those numbered 1000-4999) twice without being subject to this charge.

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