Student assistance due to recent weather conditions

Published: September 25th, 1998

Category: Memos

Julie A. Sina, Dean of Students

Recent weather conditions that have impacted South Florida stemming from Hurricane Georges, may have caused family members of University of Florida students to be displaced to another part of the State. Students who feel they must respond to family requests for assistance, or who, due to prevlous experiences with Hurricanes, may feel that they need some form of personal assistance, should contact the Dean of Students Office in P202 Peabody Hall (392-1261). A professional staff member is available to assist you with your concerns and advise you of other services available to you at the University of Florida.

If you must miss class due to a family emergency related to Hurricane Georges, you should contact the Dean of Students Office for assistance. The Dean of Students Office cannot excuse you from individual classes, but will assist you in communicating your concerns to academic departments and with referrals to support services.

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