USPS and A&P Salary Increases Effective October 1, 1998

Published: September 4th, 1998

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Bob Willits, Interim Director

Understanding the many details associated with salary increases is important to you as an administrator. To assist you, University Personnel Services is pleased to furnish the following guidelines related to salary increases for USPS and A&P employees, which have been provided by the 1998 Florida Legislature and are effective October 1, 1998.

Legislatively-driven eligibility criteria again are involved and will be explained below; therefore, we need and appreciate your assistance with the implementation process.

  1. All USPS classes other than Certified Law Enforcement and Profressional Health Care
  2. USPS Certified Law Enforcement Classes
  3. USPS Professional Health Care Classes
  4. Administrative and Professional Classes
  5. USPS Increase Implementation
  6. “Below” Performance Appraisal Procedures


  • Biweekly calculations for A&P and USPS employees are based on 26.1 pay periods per year.
  • Hourly calculations for USPS employees are based on 2088 work hours per year (26.1 biweekly periods X 80 hours per biweekly period).
  • Leadworker additive: USPS increases will be calculated on the employees’ annual base salary rates, exclusive of the leadworker salary additive, if any. The leadworker additive will be recalculated as 5 percent of the new base rate.
  • At the department’s discretion, accrued overtime and special compensatory leave may be cashed out before the October 1 pay increase. Any such cash-out will need appropriate budgetary approval. Departments may elect to cash-out all or any amount of accrued overtime and special compensatory leave; require employees to use the compensatory leave; or allow the compensatory leave to remain “on the books” available for use until the normal cash-out at the end of the fiscal year. There is no cash-out for accrued regular compensatory leave. To cash-out overtime or special compensatory leave for an employee, a change order must be sent to Processing and Records, PO Box 115004, stating the number of hours to be cashed out and supplemental certification must be completed and sent to Payroll Services. The supplemental is headed “Certification for Payment of Special Compensatory Leave.” As a matter of information, this supplemental payment is processed on a two-week cycle, and the payment is usually received on the non-payday Friday. Make sure to base the employee’s cash-out on his or her rate of pay prior to October 1, 1998. Questions about how to complete paperwork to effect the cash-out may be directed to Processing and Records at 392-1204, SC 622-1204. Questions about supplemental certifications may be directed to Payroll at 392-1231, SC 622-1231.
  • No personnel actions, including hiring, reclassification, promotion, and reassignment, may be implemented on October 1, 1998.
  • Classification and Compensation will provide a listing of delayed increase amounts to each vice presidential area during the week of September 8, 1998.
Should you have questions about the increase guidelines or procedures, please call Steve Wing or Kris Pagenkopf of Classification and Compensation at 392-1213, Suncom 622-1213, TDD 392-7734. 
Questions related to performance appraisals may be directed to Employee Relations and Development at 392-1072, Suncom 622-1072, TDD 392-7734. 
Questions regarding non-renewal of A&P employees or special performance appraisals for USPS employees may be addressed to the appropriate personnel satellite office located across campus.
  • For Education and General and Auxiliary units, contact Lisa Hodges at 392-6615, Suncom 622-6615, TDD 392-6615.
  • For IFAS, contact Susan Hudson at 392-4777, Suncom 622-4777, TDD 392-7734.
  • For Health Affairs, contact Kathy Snyder at 392-3786, Suncom 622-3786, TDD 392-7734.
  • For the Physical Plant Division, contact Sherry Larson at 392-2333, Suncom 622-2333, TDD 392-7734.
Employees should address questions regarding their current appraisal ratings and particular salary issues to their supervisors and/or departmental payroll/personnel administrators. 
We appreciate your assistance with the implementation of these salary increases and look forward to a successful salary increase for University of Florida employees.

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