U.S. Postal Services Rate changes

Published: February 2nd, 1999

Category: Memos

Fred Batie, Manager

As you know, the U.S. Postal Service has raised its rates – the first increase in four years. The new rates became effective January 10, 1999. The table below reflects rate changes on the most frequently used services.

                            Old Rate       New Rate
First Class:
First Ounce                  $ .32          $ .33
Each Additional Ounce        $ .23          $ .22

Priority Mail:
Up to 2 lbs.                 $3.00          $3.20

Special Services:
Certified Mail               $1.35          $1.40
Return Receipt               $1.10          $1.25

Non-Profit Presorted:
Basic Letter Size            $.138          $.169
Basic Non-Letter Size        $.201          $.233

In you have any questions or if you need information on the services offered by the UF Mail Services Department, please contact Fred Batie, Senior University Postal Manager, at 392-0629.

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