New Electronic Phonebook

Published: March 24th, 1999

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Elizabeth D. Capaldi, Provost

We are pleased to announce the implementation of UF’s new Electronic Phonebook. The phonebook will serve as a directory of UF students, faculty, staff, and other affiliates. It includes a preferred business e-mail address; an office mailing address, location, and telephone number; and, optionally, a home address and telephone number. While the phonebook is designed to allow an individual to update his or her own information, each department, college, and division organized under a UF authority code is responsible for maintaining phonebook entries for that Authority Code.

Please designate a phonebook coordinator who will be responsible for maintaining phonebook entries for the faculty and staff in your area. You may want to consult with the appropriate individual(s) in your Dean’s or Director’s office to determine how this should be managed for your department, college, or division. A college may decide to appoint a phonebook coordinator for the entire college, or it can distribute the task to individual departments or units.

Information Systems and the Registrar’s Office are providing web-based tools that will enable the phonebook coordinators to view and update phonebook entries for each person in that location. Phonebook coordinators will assist faculty and staff in making changes to the phonebook, in designating a preferred business e-mail address, and in verifying that phonebook entries are correct.

I have asked CIRCA to handle the registration of the phonebook coordinators and assist them in the use of the phonebook maintenance tools. For the convenience of departments that may already have a list of preferred e-mail addresses, CIRCA will accept electronic files containing the SSN and e-mail address of persons at that location and will update the phonebook information for you.

There are two ways to obtain access to the Electronic Phonebook Maintenance application. If your department processes application (security) requests on-line, you MUST use the Application Access Request system ( to obtain access to the phonebook maintenance application. If not, contact CIRCA at 392-2007 and ask for an Electronic Phonebook Maintenance security request form.

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