Foundation Supplement Payments

Published: July 1st, 1999

Category: Memos

Elizabeth D. Capaldi, Provost

Beginning July 1, 1999 all taxable payments to University of Florida employees from funds originating from a Direct Support Organization (DSO), also known as a foundation, will be processed via the personnel/payroll system. These payments include salary supplements, car allowances, taxable moving expenses and other special requests that are to be paid during a fiscal year.

Requests for such payments should be submitted in a letter addressed to the President or the Provost. It should include the purpose of the payment, the recipient’s name and the amount of the payment. These requests should be sent to Sheri Austin, PO Box 113175 for review before being given to the President or Provost for final action.

Once approved, all payments will be processed by the Academic Personnel Office (APO), even if the recipient’s primary employment is not academic, such as USPS, A&P or OPS Professional. A copy of the approval should be mailed or faxed to Janet Malphurs, PO Box 113005, and FAX 392-3464. She will then email the form and guidelines to be used for payment to her contact for the college/unit. Eventually this form and guidelines will be available at the APO web site.

The form should be completed, printed and signed by the dean/director or designee. The college will be allowed the option to make payment at one time or to spread the payment over several pay dates throughout the fiscal year. By signing the form a person will be certifying that the appropriate funds from the DSO have been deposited into a Miscellaneous Gifts and Grant account specially established for this purpose. It will then be the responsibility of the department/college to maintain documentation of the deposits and to monitor accounts to ensure that payments are reconciled to the amount deposited.

The original form should be sent to Janet Malphurs for processing by the published payroll deadline dates.

Payments will be paid from OPS funds and will be subject to the appropriate FICA taxes. Should the recipient be a salaried employee who has either additional withholding tax or child support payments, he/she should be told that these deductions will be taken out of his/her regular check and the foundation supplement resulting in a double deduction.

Colleges who have already submitted paperwork to Academic Affairs for foundation supplement payments for July, will be contacted and asked to use the new process for payment.

Questions on requests for approval of supplement payments should be directed to Sheri Austin, 392-2402 or Questions on the processing of payments should be directed to Janet Malphurs, 392-1251 or


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