Announcement of a Part-Time Position for Associate Dean for Academic Programs and Student Affairs in the Graduate School

Published: July 7th, 1999

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Winfred M. Phillips, Vice President for Research and Dean of the Graduate School

The Graduate School seeks to attract an individual to the position of associate dean who has a broad vision of University programs and goals and enjoys being involved in a range of diverse activities. The individual should have a sincere desire to help the University be recognized as a first rate institution for quality graduate education. He/she will work directly with students but will also have considerable opportunity to recommend and implement new ideas, activities and/or programs that will enhance the services offered by the Graduate School. The following are criteria for the position:

  1. Tenured member of the University of Florida Graduate Faculty.
  2. Evidence of strong involvement in high quality scholarly research and experience supervising students in graduate degree programs.
  3. General knowledge of graduate degree requirements, procedures and funding sources and policies for graduate student stipends and tuition and fees at the University of Florida.
  4. Evidence of effective management, decision making, problem solving and academic leadership skills; flexibility and enthusiasm for new challenges, and interest in developing the position.

Please make this announcement available to your faculty. Nominations of qualified faculty are welcome.

Associate Dean for Academic Programs and Student Affairs in the Graduate School. The Graduate School is seeking candidates for the position of associate dean for academic programs and student affairs to work directly with graduate students and student groups (e.g., GAU, Graduate Student Council), faculty, graduate coordinators, departments and colleges on issues that involve the academic programs of graduate students and other issues including graduate enrollment growth, fellowships, tuition and fee payments, petitions, collective bargaining and grievance procedures. The associate dean will work with faculty groups to advise on the design and review of interdisciplinary graduate programs and other new graduate programs or concentrations prior to Graduate Council action. In carrying out these responsibilities, the associate dean will coordinate his/her activities with those of the Director of the Office of Graduate Minority Programs and will work closely with the A&P coordinators in the Statistics, Student Records, and Editorial Offices. The associate dean will serve as the University Ombudsman for graduate students, chair the Graduate Curriculum Committee, attend meetings of the Graduate Council (and chair it in the dean’s absence) and the regularly scheduled meetings of the ORTGE management team and the Graduate School staff, and serve as an ex officio member of the Graduate Coordinators Advisory Council. The associate dean will also help develop the budget for the Graduate School. The position offers the opportunity for the associate dean to recommend and implement new programs or measures that will enhance the services provided to students and departments, increase the efficiency of operations or improve interactions between the Graduate School and the colleges and departments. The position will also provide an opportunity for career growth and development. The associate dean will report to the Dean of the Graduate School.

Letters of application explaining reasons for interest in the position, accompanied by a curriculum vitae and the names of four individuals who could provide references, should be sent to the Chair of the Graduate School Associate Dean Search Committee, via the Dean of the Graduate School, 223 Grinter Hall, by August 15, 1999. The FTE level of the position is negotiable and the salary level will reflect the enhanced administrative responsibility. The appointment will be effective October 1, 1999.

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