Changes to the Collective Bargaining Agreement for Graduate Assistants

Published: July 26th, 1999

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Winfred M. Phillips, Dean

Enclosed is a summary of changes effective July 1, 1999, to the collective bargaining agreement between the Board of Regents, the University of Florida (UF) and the Graduate Assistants United (GAU), as well as wording changes to the articles within the agreement. The changes include language for salary increases and an increase to the minimum salary, which are to be implemented October 1, 1999. These documents should be carefully examined so that you are aware of revisions that may affect your area.

Below is a highlight of some of the modifications.

Article 6
Workload disputes will now be handled thought the Grievance Procedure listed in Article 11. This should allow for a more objective review of the questions.

Article 7
Graduate assistants may not use university personnel, equipment or facilities in connection with outside employment or activity without prior approval. Approval of use of university facilities, equipment or services may require reimbursement for the use. Such use can be reported by using Form OAA-GA-L-268 that will be available shortly on the Academic Affairs home page ( under Online Forms.

Article 14
Departments who employ graduate assistants must provide one bulletin board within the department that GAU/UFF may use to post bulletins and notices relevant to its position as the bargaining representative of the employees. GAU must be notified by the first day of class in the Fall semester of the location of these bulletin boards. Departments should notify GAU directly by e-mail (, fax or phone (both use the same number, 392-0274) or mail (Room 238 Norman Hall, Gainesville, FL 32611).

Article 18
The university is to make every reasonable effort to provide a safe working environment for employees. If a graduate assistant reports a condition which he/she feels is a safety or health violation or which is a unreasonable hazard, that condition must be promptly investigated. The appropriate administrator shall then reply to the graduate assistant.

Graduate assistants shall be provided reasonable access to departmental laboratories, studios, computer centers, photocopy services, and the like for use in connection with assigned responsibilities.

Article 23
Eligible graduate assistants will receive a 2.8% salary increase on October 1, 1999. If that increase for a 9-month, .50 FTE employee is less than $300, the employee shall receive an additional increase that provides the employee a total annual increase of $300. That amount will be prorated based on months appointed and FTE. To be eligible for these two components of the increase, a graduate assistant must have been employed at least one semester during the 1998-99 academic year for at least .25 FTE and be employed at least one semester for at least .25 FTE in the 1999-2000 academic year.

If, after these two increases are given, any graduate assistant is making less than $6,830 for 9 months at .50 FTE, or its equivalent, his/her salary will be increased to that new minimum.

Academic Personnel will work with the colleges and departments during Fall semester to implement these increases.

Please contact me at 392-9271, Richard Lutz at 392-4646 or Victor Yellen at 392-2476 if you have questions regarding these changes.

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