Notice of Change in Proposed Rules

Published: November 22nd, 1999

Category: Memos

Pamela J. Bernard, General Counsel

Notice of Change in Proposed Rules

Rule 6C1-1.0062 University of Florida; Affirmative Action Search and Screen Procedures for Instructional and Research Faculty and Administrative and Professional Staff Members; and Affirmative Action Files
Rule 6C1-1.201 University of Florida; Leaves
Rule 6C1-3.020 Administrative Affairs; Purchasing
Rule 6C1-3.025 Administrative Affairs; Lease of Space
Rule 6C1-3.048 Administrative Affairs; Employment Staff selections and Appointments for University Support Personnel System positions
Rule 6C1-7.019 Administrative Affairs; Tenure and Promotion: Definition, Eligibility, Granting of Tenure, Criteria, Procedures and Methods of Processing, Confidential Nature of Materials and Discussions, Reports and Appeals, Permanent Status and Sustained Performance Evaluations

Attached is a copy of the Notice of Change for the above-mentioned rules which were proposed for adoption or revision by the University. The changes were made in response to comments from the Joint Administrative Procedures Committee. You may contact the Clerk of the University at 392-1358 for a final version of the rules. Please distribute and post the notice upon receipt.


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