First Year Experience Course, SLS 1102

Published: February 28th, 2000

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Julie Sina, Dean of Students

The University of Florida is offering a one credit First Year Experience course (SLS 1102) in fall semester 2000. A committee of faculty, student affairs staff, and students is in the process of completing the syllabus, working on a course guide, and developing a training module. We are planning to offer 15 sections and will enroll 30 students in each section. We are seeking faculty, student affairs staff, and university staff who are interested in teaching a section. Each section will have a student assisting the faculty/staff teaching the course.

Please indicate your interest through submitting a letter outlining your interest in teaching the course and what you can offer to this experience. We would also appreciate a letter of support from your immediate supervisor. Your time commitment would involve training prior to the course, working with the student assigned to your section, weekly class meetings, and several meetings throughout fall semester. Each faculty/staff member teaching the course will receive a $500 stipend placed in his/her department budget to be utilized for professional development.

Please do not hesitate to contact myself or any of the committee members listed below. Letters of interest are due April 2, 2000.

First Year Experience Course Committee
Dr. Sheila Dickison
Dr. Albert Matheny
Dr. Karan Schwartz
Dr. Jane Luzar
Dr. Dana Peterson
Mr. Brian Dassler
Ms. Kara Kravetz

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