UF Presidential Search

Published: March 1st, 2000

Category: Memos

Gail F. Baker, Vice President

The University of Florida Presidential Search Advisory Committee (SAC) today discussed the planned itinerary for candidates who are expected to visit campus during the month of April. Please note that the names of these candidates will be announced on Tuesday, April 4.

In addition to a 90-minute interview with the Search Advisory Committee, forums are scheduled with students, deans, faculty, presidential appointees, USPS and A&P Personnel. The candidates will also meet with the following: UF’s interim president and provost; the vice presidents; the CEO of Shands HealthCare; the director of the Malcolm Randall Veteran’s Affairs Medical Center; the university’s general counsel and the director of the University Athletic Association. A community reception is planned for each candidate, as is a campus tour. There will also be a breakfast meeting with the University Senate Steering Committee and Faculty Academic Advisory Council.
Each campus visit is scheduled for two and one-half days, beginning either on a Sunday or Wednesday evening and extending through the next two complete days. All meetings are open to the public. The SAC interview will be carried live via the Internet.
As details regarding the exact times and locations of all meetings are finalized, information will be posted to the UF Presidential Search web page at www.ufl.edu/notice.htm, which is linked to under “Current Interest” on the UF Home Page.

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