Sustained Superior Performance Special Pay Increase Category for USPS and A&P Employees

Published: March 20th, 2000

Category: Memos

Larry T. Ellis, Director

University Personnel Services is pleased to announce the addition of a new special pay increase category: sustained superior performance. This category is available for use immediately and has been added to four current special pay categories: market conditions, salary compression or inversion, increases to resolve a pay disparity, and increased responsibility.

The revised Special Pay Increase form is available on our web site at:

Revised Special Pay Increase Guidelines are available on the web at:

Revised Salary Increase Guidelines are available at:

This category was developed in response to campus-wide interest in the availability of additional options for compensating excellent employees. Implementation is based on revised State University System (SUS) rule 6C-5.915(6), and the University of Florida policy change was reviewed and approved through the Personnel Advisory Committee. As with all special pay categories, increases for sustained superior performance are contingent upon departmental funding and approval by the appropriate vice president or designee.

If you have questions, please contact Classification and Compensation at 392-1213, SC 622-1213,

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