Instructor Workload Reports – Spring 2001

Published: January 31st, 2001

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Victor Yellen, Assistant Provost

Thank you for your contributions to the instructor workload reports. One or more individuals in each of your departments (or the college office, if you choose to centralize this function) have been provided access to the instructor name/workload menu (screen 302) in the Student Records System on the Dean’s Network. Please have the designated staff member(s) review the instructions at and enter the required information.

There are two completion deadlines for instructor workload reporting.

March 2:
Complete base contact hour sections, These sections are not affected by enrollment shifts.

May 11:
Complete sections with headcount hours (i.e. research, internship, thesis, dissertation, etc.). There are many changes to the enrollment of headcount sections during the semester, and these changes affect previously completed sections. Review headcount sections periodically, especially after April 13, the college petition deadline, to ensure correct contact totals.

The instructor workload report must be completed by the deadlines indicated to meet a Board of Regents deadline. If any sections remain incomplete after May 11, my office will contact the appropriate dean.

If you have any questions, please contact Linda West,, 392-1374.

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