Class “C” Meals

Published: June 15th, 2001

Category: Memos

John P. Kruczek, University Controller

The state has passed legislation pertaining to Class “C” Travel. Reference is made to the State Comptroller agency addressed Memorandum No. 10, 2000-01. Effective July 1, 2001 travelers are no longer allowed to claim Class “C” meals. Class “C” are those meals consumed during business travel that do not involve an overnight stay. Departmental travel preparers will have a period of two weeks to forward claims for all Class “C” meals to the University Travel Offices. It is important that all Class “C” travel for fiscal year ending June 30, 2001, be turned in as soon as possible. The State of Florida Comptroller’s Office is allowing only a couple of weeks for all Class “C” meals to be processed. Requests for reimbursement of class C meals must be submitted to the State Comptroller’s office before July 18, 2001. This will be the final processing by the State.

If you have any questions regarding Travel for the University, please call Carlos Cordero or Monica Thames – Lamar in the Travel section of Disbursement Services at 392-1245.

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