University of Florida Rules

Published: July 5th, 2001

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Pamela J. Bernard, General Counsel

University of Florida Rules

6C1-1.009 University of Florida; Employment of Relatives
6C1-1.011 University of Florida; Disclosure and Regulation of Outside Activities and Financial Interests
6C1-1.012 University of Florida; Tuition-Free Courses
6C1-2.020 University of Florida; Food Service on Campus
6C1-3.006 Administrative Affairs; Traffic & Parking; Definitions
6C1-3.007 Administrative Affairs; Traffic & Parking; Parking Registration
6C1-3.009 Administrative Affairs; Traffic & Parking; Bus System
6C1-3.014 Administrative Affairs; Traffic & Parking; Fine Schedule
6C1-3.030 Administrative Affairs; Surplus Property
6C1-3.0372 Administrative Affairs; Student Health, Athletic, and Activity and Service Fees
6C1-3.0374 Administrative Affairs; Material and Supply Fees
6C1-3.040 Administrative Affairs; Employee Recognition Program
6C1-3.048 Administrative Affairs; Employment Staff Selections and Appointments for University Support Personnel System Positions
6C1-3.050 Administrative Affairs; University Support Personnel System Evaluations
6C1-3.059 Administrative Affairs; Pay Upon Appointment & Probationary Status After Promotion
6C1-4.016 Student Affairs; Student Conduct Code; Violations, Penalties and Procedures for Adjudication
6C1-7.0441 Academic Affairs; Appeal Procedures of Faculty Senate Committee on Academic Freedom, Tenure, Professional Relations and Standards Committee
6C1-7.048 Academic Affairs, Suspension, Termination, and Other Disciplinary Action for Faculty: Definition of Just Cause, Termination, Suspension, and Other Disciplinary Action, Suspension Pending Investigation, Notification and Records of Disciplinary Action

The above-referenced rules in their final form are published on the Academic Affairs web site at Revisions to these rules were published in The Gainesville Sun on March 14, 2001. The effective date for these amended rules was May 22, 2001.

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