New Proposals To Include Insurance Benefits for Postdoctoral Associates

Published: December 23rd, 2002

Category: Memos

Winfred M. Phillips, Vice President for Research and Dean of the Graduate School

Postdoctoral Associates play a vital role in the research mission of the university. In order to give postdocs the benefit of health care for themselves and their families, the following policy has been adopted by the UF Board of Trustees: Effective January 7, 2003, or shortly thereafter, the title “Postdoctoral Associate” at the University of Florida will change from a student title to a faculty title. This rule change has consequences for both the Postdoctoral Associates themselves and for the grants on which they are supported. (Note: Postdoctoral Fellows who receive independent fellowship awards are not included in this rule.)

Benefits. With this rule change, Postdoctoral Associates will become entitled to state health benefits, just as other faculty are now. Grants will be charged for the “state contribution portion” of the benefit, which, effective January 1, 2003, amounts to: $2,986.32 per year ($248.86 monthly) for an individual and $6,106.56 ($508.88 monthly) for a family. These amounts are subject to change each fiscal year.

Grant Budgets. Consequently, Principal Investigators whose grants will support Postdoctoral Associates should budget this cost in addition to the 8.3% fringe benefits rate for Postdoctoral Associates. Effective immediately, this is required for all new grant submissions to external agencies. No funds for retirement benefits need to be added to budgets, since Postdoctoral Associates will not be eligible for state retirement benefits. Questions about proposal budgets may be directed to the Division of Sponsored Research, Proposal Processing Office, 392-9267 or

Spring semester transition. Postdoctoral Associates will become entitled to the state health benefit as soon as the new rule goes into effect, which is expected to be approximately January 7, 2003. Because existing grants may not have funds appropriately budgeted to handle this additional charge, there is a mechanism in the Spring 2003 semester to deal with this possibility. Principal Investigators may reappoint Postdoctoral Associates as “Adjunct Postdoctoral Associates.” During the Spring semester, Adjunct Postdoctoral Associates will be paid from OPS funds and will not be entitled to the state health benefit. Questions about reappointment of Postdoctoral Associates for the Spring semester should be directed to Ms. Janet Malphurs, Office of Academic Personnel,, 392-1251.

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