Freshman Orientation and the Outstanding Scholars Program

Published: May 12th, 2003

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Sheila Dickison, Associate Provost

UF’s summer orientation program for freshmen (PREVIEW) begins on Tuesday, May 13 and runs through July 18. This will bring a large number of students, parents and family members to campus for a two-day introduction to student life and an opportunity for incoming freshmen to register for summer B and fall classes. My thanks in advance for your help with visitors, as they require your assistance.

While many departments are preparing for the arrival of new students in summer B and fall, the Office of Admissions is already looking ahead to the next group of applicants. This year’s Outstanding High School Scholars Programs (OHHSP) is an opportunity for faculty and advisers to meet high-caliber prospective students. This program brings rising seniors to campus for a day and half program which introduces them to UF. These are students who are also likely to be recruited by other institutions.

The dates for these programs are as follows:

OHSSP for Honors Students (potential National Merit Scholars)
July 13-14
Ms. Regan Garner,

OHSSP for Hispanic/Latino Students (potential National Hispanic Scholars)
June 29-30
Ms. Maria Rodriguez,

OHSSP for African-American Students (potential National Achievement Scholars)
July 27-28
Mr. Mike Powell,

Each program will hold a dinner in which prospective students and their families are given the opportunity to meet with UF faculty and staff. If you are available and interested in attending one of these dinners, please contact the appropriate representative. These events provide a wonderful opportunity to recruit top students to UF and into your programs.

Please let me know, if you have questions.

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