University of Florida Purchasing Card (PCard) Program

Published: January 20th, 2004

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Michael V. McKee, University Controller

As part of the University’s on-going devolution from the State, the University of Florida will begin it’s own PCard program on April 1, 2004. Our new PCard provider is Wachovia Bank in partnership with MBNA. The new Wachovia cards will be active April 1 and our existing State of Florida, Bank of America PCards will deactivate March 31, 2004 and cannot be used after that date. We expect there should be no time that we do not have use of a PCard.

Departmental reconcilers/approvers will need to attend training in March 2004 to learn the new PCard transaction-processing software. Specific training dates and times will be distributed via the PCard Listserv and will be on the Purchasing website. The new PCards will be given to departmental reconcilers/approvers during their training for subsequent distribution to Cardholders.

Because of this transition, we will significantly limit the ordering of new cards between February 1, 2004 and March 31, 2004. Only those requests made based on an extreme documented need will be considered.

After the Bank of America PCards are deactivated on March 31 there will still be transactions in FLAIR pending approval. FLAIR transactions will need to be approved within the existing 8-day approval time-frame. Reconciler/approvers must continue to check FLAIR daily until all transactions are approved in their group(s).

We will share this information with PCard reconcilers and cardholders and any other staff responsible for PCard transaction processing through the PCard listserv. Please contact Ms. Lisa Deal or Ms. Theresa Gray in University Purchasing at 392-1331 or email if you have questions.

Additional specific information regarding program changes will be communicated as they occur via the PCard Listserv and on the PCard website at:

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