Resignation of Dr. Chuck Frazier

Published: March 23rd, 2004

Category: Memos

David R. Colburn, Provost

I regret to inform you that Dr. Chuck Frazier has decided to resign as Vice Provost for Information Technology and return to his academic home in the Center for Studies in Criminology and Law. Chuck has been in this office, serving as Vice Provost, since November 12, 1999. During these years, he has overseen academic affairs, including tenure and promotion, new building construction and renovation, and, most recently, Information Technology.

Associate Provost Sheila Dickison says of Chuck, “he has done a simply splendid job as Vice Provost. His contributions to making UF a better university are numerous; most importantly he has moved us forward in the IT area.” Former Dean of Arts and Sciences, Will Harrison comments, “For over a decade, Chuck Frazier has been one of UF’s most talented administrators. He has consistently demonstrated a deep understanding of academic process, complemented by unusual street-smarts. The combination is rare and powerful.” Mike Conlon, Director of Data Infrastructure, calls Chuck “one of the most thoughtful, hard-working, ethical, committed people I have ever had the pleasure to work with.” Chuck led the IT Review Committee which developed a strategic structure for the advancing IT services at UF and, according to Conlon, “he was critical in the formation of the Florida Lambda Rail LLC, a joint effort of ten universities in Florida to create a next generation high speed network for university work.” Fedro Zazueta, Director of Academic Technology, credits Chuck with establishing a vision that led to a major change in the information technology paradigm at the University of Florida. “He recognized the strategic importance of IT as an enabler of the academic mission of the University,” Zazueta said, “and he promulgated the importance of IT as a differentiator in the arena of peer institutions that the University of Florida aspires to.”

The quality of Chuck Frazier’s work and his leadership has been quite extraordinary in these areas and, as we all know, in many other ways that have not always been visible.

My intention is to begin a search for his replacement sometime in the early fall, but to hold off on short-listing the candidates until the new Provost is appointed and can make the final determination. Chuck has agreed to continue to serve until a smooth transition can be made. As you may know, there are many IT vacancies at universities and finding the right person who has the administrative and technical ability will not be easy. I will welcome your advice in this process and your participation.

As you have time, please express to Chuck our collective appreciation for his extraordinary work as Vice Provost for IT and his leadership on our campus. I know he will continue to provide leadership as a teacher, scholar and colleague.

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