Summer and Fall Textbook Adoptions

Published: March 1st, 2004

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Steve Pritz, University Registrar

Please submit your textbook adoptions at . Adoptions for Summer term should be entered by March 15, 2004. Adoptions for Fall term should be entered by March 30, 2004.

Submitting your texts by these dates assists both students and local bookstores. Students will begin registering for summer and fall courses on March 29, and they will be able to view textbook requirements on ISIS while registering. Students also benefit from better prices for their used books during the spring semester book buybacks. The bookstores benefit, too, by gaining an ample inventory of used books for the summer and fall semesters.

Prompt entry of your adopted texts also allows bookstores appropriate time to secure and stock your requests.

UF students have overwhelmingly endorsed the availability of textbook information online and have indicated it aids in course selection. Additional benefits include: 1) students can balance class loads during registration based on course reading requirements; 2) students can assess the cost of the semester with more accuracy to plan for their financial needs when textbook information is available before registration; 3) students may receive more revenue for their used books when vendors know, in advance, that the book will be used another term; 4) students may order books prior to class starting dates; 5) online availability of information encourages the market to keep prices competitive for student consumers.

If you have any questions about the textbook adoption process, please contact the textbook adoption services manager at 392-0306.

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