Fixed Equipment Inventory

Published: February 27th, 2004

Category: Memos

Michael V. McKee, University Controller

The University has engaged the Professional Services of American Appraisal Associates (AAA) to perform a fixed equipment inventory of 172 buildings at the University of Florida that are used for Organized Research. The results of this study will be included as part of the University’s indirect cost proposal to the Federal Government.

This review should cause little or no disruption to the University community as it will be limited to the fixed equipment assets rather than moveable equipment and will focus on a room by room inventory of these assets such as:

Fume Hoods
Laboratory Benches
Emergency Eye Wash and Shower Systems
Fixed Storage Cabinets, etc.

The American Appraisal Associates staff will contact your department in advance to arrange for access to space. Please let them know if you have any “sensitive” areas and would like to schedule an appointment for special instructions with the appraisers prior to access in those areas. Appraisers will identify themselves with proper UF “GATOR 1” ID Cards.

We expect to complete most building visitations by the end of March 2004. Please extend your full cooperation and access to your areas to our team members. I thank you in advance for your time and assistance with this most important project.

Please do not hesitate to contact Amanda Jobes at 392-1235 if you have any questions or special considerations.

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