Enterprise Reporting Initiatives

Published: June 27th, 2005

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Fred H. Cantrell, Associate Vice President

Many of you have expressed to me or my staff your concerns and suggestions regarding Enterprise Reporting. We have made some changes to the system based on your feedback but recognize there is still much work to do.

To improve Enterprise Reporting we will focus on the areas listed below:

1. Reliability and Stability. More frequent and dependable data updates; additional data added to the warehouse; speed improvements; additional delivered and prompted reports; reduce emergency and scheduled maintenance downtime.
2. Usability. Improve the reporting navigation, names of reports and report descriptions; reduce response time when navigating between Web pages; simplify security roles and access to reports.
3. Report Improvements and Additions. Create new reports and modify existing reports; reduce number of printed pages in reports; provide delivered monthly reports.
4. Outreach and Communications. Consistent use of the Alert Notices; advanced notice of scheduled maintenance; communication on regular basis of upcoming upgrades or enhancements and ongoing work; develop outreach program to address needs and concerns.

Specific objectives and projects associated with Enterprise Reporting will be announced in the Bridges Advisory, Bridges pagelet, and other communications. Over the next year, Bridges is committed to keeping you better informed about the progress being made on specific initiatives.

Over the past month, considerable effort has focused on delivering comprehensive reporting packages for principal investigators and grant administrators to better manage their project finances. First hand-delivered to departments, these reports are now delivered via myUFL > Enterprise Reporting > Project Reports. Bridges has recently turned its attention to delivering similar reports for fiscal staff to help them better manage their department or college. The creation of these reports has been, and will continue to be, a joint effort involving end users (via outreach visits, Help Desk tickets, myUFL Suggestion Box, etc.), core users, university administration, and Bridges.

In conjunction with the efforts of the Enterprise Reporting team, the Bridges Campus Outreach team has been holding advanced reporting training for many of the central offices in Finance and Accounting. The Division of Human Resources will receive similar advanced training beginning in July. These specialized courses will enable core users to develop customized reports and retrieve data directly from myUFL – resulting in better customer service for the end user.

Thank you for your patience as we work to improve Enterprise Reporting. If you have any comments or suggestions about reporting, or anything related to the myUFL systems, please send them to the myUFL Suggestion Box by clicking on the “Suggestions” link located in the portal in the upper right- hand corner.

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