Grant Project Reports Now in MyUFL Portal

Published: June 23rd, 2005

Category: Memos

Winfred M. Phillips, Vice President for Research and Ed Poppell, Vice President for Finance and Administration

We are pleased to announce a new Enterprise Reporting offering in the myUFL portal that provides principal investigators and grant administrators a monthly collection of reports to better meet his or her financial management needs. These reports are monthly versions of the ones hand-delivered to campus recently in hard copy.

The delivered project reports are available in myUFL at Enterprise Reporting > Project Reports. Click on the link for the appropriate college, then the department, the principal investigator (PI) name, the project title, and then the report title. Note the links also appear at the top of the page to show progression through the pages (e.g., HOME > 00000000 COLLEGE > 00010000 DEPT > PI AND UFID). Click on any of these links to easily navigate.

Each project’s report package contains one or more of the following reports:

*Summary Expense by Category for Grant Projects (Project Life to Date, through May 31)
*Expense Detail Report by Project (Monthly, currently May 2005)
*Payroll Cost Distribution Summary for Grant Projects (Project Life to Date, through May 31)
*Open Encumbrance by Project (Fiscal Year to Date, through May 31)

In addition to these delivered reports, prompted project reports for activity in the current month are available. The Prompted versions can be found via Enterprise Reporting > Access Reporting > Public Folders > Project Reports.

Refer to the Project Report Package instruction guide on the Bridges web site for further details and useful tips.

The UF_ER_USER security role is needed to access these reports. If you have an Enterprise Reporting menu item in your myUFL portal menu, you have access. If you do not, contact your Department Security Administrator to assign the UF_ER_USER security role.

The feedback from campus about the hand-delivered printed reports has been positive thus far and we will continue working with Bridges to improve these and other reports. Feel free to share your thoughts about these reports with us or with the Bridges staff via the myUFL Suggestion Box in the portal. The improvements made to the myUFL systems over the past year that have come from suggestions from you and your staff are appreciated.

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