Due September 24th

Published: August 30th, 2005

Category: Memos

John Madey, Director, Office of Information Technology-Telecommunications

OIT-Telecommunications is responsible for the distribution of the University of Florida Campus and BellSouth Directory. Prior to the next delivery, location and directory quantities need to be updated. Please respond to the following questions by September 24th. Individual departments related to the departments or buildings listed below will receive their directories through bulk shipments and do not need to respond to this memo. Contact the appropriate department to receive your directories.

Housing, Harold Wheeler 392-6030-(residents)
Student Gov. (Reitz) Sandy Vernon 392-1665-(off-campus students)
Shands, 1329, & Med Plaza montem@shands.ufl.edu
off campus IFAS locations cmh@mail.ifas.ufl.edu

Please use the following link to submit your request:


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