PeopleSoft Implementation

Published: December 19th, 2005

Category: Memos

J. Bernard Machen, President

Effective Monday, December 19, Dr. Michael Conlon, Director of Data Infrastructure for UF and the Bridges project, will assume additional duties as PeopleSoft Implementation Officer to provide overall coordination and accelerate the integration of PeopleSoft systems. In this role, Dr. Conlon will report to the three senior vice presidents (Drs. Barrett, Cheek, Fouke) and be responsible for:

l. Carrying out the directives of the senior vice presidents as they relate to implementing PeopleSoft

2. Identifying and removing obstacles, issues and other impediments to PeopleSoft implementation.

3. Informing and involving various groups involved in implementation (faculty and staff end-users, software workers, hardware workers, business practices workers).

Dr. Conlon, a researcher, teacher, and Administrator at UF for 25 years, will facilitate efforts of faculty, staff, administrators, and the Bridges team to harmonize the installed PeopleSoft system with business processes and functional needs of the University.

Dr. Conlon will work with Mr. Michael Corwin, recently appointed Director of Bridges, to foster continuing campus input into the functionality of PeopleSoft and do so in a timely manner. Mr. Corwin brings over ten years of PeopleSoft systems and IT consulting experience to the University.

We believe this lead team brings the enthusiasm and skills necessary to successfully complete the next steps in PeopleSoft deployment and revisions. We ask that you will give them the cooperation and input the University needs for a successful completion of deployment of PeopleSoft.

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