New electronic Personnel Action Form (ePAF) planned for campus rollout

Published: February 17th, 2006

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Kyle Cavanaugh, Vice President, Human Resource Services

In response to campus’s need for a more streamlined approach to data-entry in the myUFL system and in an effort to improve the accuracy of human resource-related transactions, Human Resource Services is introducing new electronic Personnel Action Forms (ePAFs) starting this month.

The electronic Personnel Action Forms (ePAFs) that will replace the current practices are shorter—generally one to three pages compared to the current twelve—and much more intuitive. As fields are entered, information is limited within the data entry fields to only applicable choices—thus, reducing the possibility of errors and making the administrator’s job much easier. The new ePAFs are automatically moved throughout the approval process—from originator to Level 1 approver to Level 2 approver.

We greatly appreciate your support and flexibility during this transition. To ensure your area’s HR administrators have the information they need to use the new ePAFs, training will held over the next few months and will be required for those with the security roles UF_HR Manager/Dept Admin and UF_HR Department Hiring. This training and the use of the new ePAFs will be launched college by college in a cascading fashion—rather than all at the same time. After attending training, college representatives will be given security access and will begin to use the forms.

While Level 1 approvers are not required to attend training, it is recommended that Level 1 approvers who frequently generate personnel actions also attend. Additional details regarding registration will be sent to those required to attend training for continued security. To view the assigned training week for your college or department, please visit

ePAF will consist of the five most common groupings of personnel actions:

    The Hire form will be used to initiate the processing of all new hires and transfers, including additional jobs for additional pay—regardless of whether the new hire is a student, staff or faculty member, or current UF employee being hired by a different department.
    The Job Change form will be used to initiate all job-related transactions except for those related to fellowships. Job-related transactions include promotions, demotions, pay rate changes (special pay increase), etc. occurring from within an employee’s department.
    The Employment Status Change form will be used to initiate a change in employment for a UF employee, including retirement. Employment status changes include placing and returning an employee from a leave of absence and terminating an employee.
    The Cash Out form will be used to initiate a request to cash out an employee’s leave. This may occur on occasion during an employee’s employment at UF or upon termination or retirement of his or her employment.
    The Additional Pay form will be used to provide additional pay on an employee’s current job.

For a brief demonstration of ePAF, please visit .

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