Summer/Fall Semester Textbook Adoptions

Published: February 14th, 2006

Category: Memos

Janie M. Fouke, Provost

Faculty and departments are asked to submit their Summer/Fall term textbook adoptions at by April 3rd, 2006. This will provide students their best opportunities to sell books back at higher prices. The faculty have requested that we open the site earlier than in the past so the web site opens February 20th for summer classes and February 27th for fall classes.

The timely posting of textbook requirements helps students as well as the local bookstores. Students can view course textbook requirements during registration on ISIS. This information helps students to balance their course loads based on reading requirements and to plan for their financial needs including the purchasing of books. Bookstores can begin the ordering process to ensure timely arrival of texts for these terms. Vendors also learn what texts will be in demand and can provide students with better prices on book buybacks.

Timely posting of textbook requirements has the support of the student body as well. UF students have overwhelmingly endorsed the availability of textbook information online and have indicated it aids in course selection. In December 2005, Student Government passed a resolution for higher participation in online textbook adoptions.

With the rising costs of textbooks and the importance of buyback in terms of sustainability, it is important that UF provide this service to its students.

If you have any questions about the textbook adoption process, please contact the textbook adoption services manager at 392- 0306.

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