Notices of Proposed Regulation

Published: February 15th, 2006

Category: Memos

Pamela J. Bernard, Vice President and General Counsel

6C1-2.001 Possession and Use of Firearms

6C1-3.007 Traffic & Parking; Parking Registration

6C1-3.008 Traffic & Parking; Miscellaneous Provisions

6C1-3.009 Traffic & Parking; Bus System

6C1-3.0372 Student Health, Athletic, and Activity and Service Fees

6C1-3.0376 Miscellaneous Fees

6C1-5.076 University of Florida College of Medicine Policies and Procedures for Discipline, Grievances, Nonrenewal, Suspension or Dismissal of a Resident

6C1-5.0761 College of Medicine Resident Policies

Attached are copies of Notices of Proposed Regulation that have been published on the University’s official website at
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