Reorganization of the Office of the Provost

Published: March 3rd, 2006

Category: Memos

Janie M. Fouke, Provost

This is the second in a series of DDD memos intended to map specific people into the activities of the office.

The university is announcing the creation of a university wide Chief Information Officer (CIO). The CIO is responsible for leadership, management, vision, budgeting, strategic planning, and implementation of UF’s technology infrastructure and services. The CIO is charged with improving UF’s IT services and infrastructure through coordination, integration and realignment of IT organizations. The CIO provides direct supervision of the Office of Academic Technology (OAT), Computing and Networking Services (CNS), Bridges Operations, High Performance Computing (HPC), IT infrastructure issues, UF’s Florida Lambda Rail Operations (FLR) and the Information Technology Advisory Council (ITAC). The CIO will report to the Provost. Dr. Marc Hoit has been appointed to the position of Interim CIO. He will lead the reorganization of central IT groups to become an efficient, cost effective and quality service provider and begin the process of unifying campus IT services. A search for a permanent appointee will be announced in the future.

Dr. Marc Hoit is a Professor in Civil & Coastal Engineering Department. He received his PhD in 1984 from University of California, Berkeley. His discipline specialty is in the development of Finite Element Analysis software and computational mechanics algorithms for structural engineering. He is the director of the Florida Bridge Software Institute which licenses software worldwide for the analysis of bridges including their foundations. He has also held numerous administrative positions including Director of Student PeopleSoft Implementation, the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs Administration and the Associate Dean for Research in the College of Engineering at the University of Florida. Most recently, he has served the University of Florida as the Interim Associate Provost for Information Technologies.

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