2006 Summer Jobs for 9-Month Faculty and Graduate Assistants

Published: April 14th, 2006

Category: Memos

Kyle Cavanaugh, Vice President for Human Resource Services

A significant process improvement related to summer jobs for 9-month faculty and graduate assistants is being introduced this month. This year a Summer Job Review File will be available to departments starting the week of April 17. This file will provide a process for departments to automate the appointment of summer jobs. A communication regarding this process, as well as an instructional guide, is being distributed to our college administrators and graduate coordinators contact lists, and the new process was discussed at this month’s Human Resources Forum. This memorandum is being sent to familiarize you with the improvement and to alert you to the timeframes.

The Summer Job Review File will be available through myufl and may be accessed via the navigation: Workforce Administration>Job Information> UF Summer Job Review. Departments will have until May 1, 2006, to review and update the data for the summer jobs. After that day, departments will no longer be permitted to update the summer jobs through this navigation. Updates after May 1 will be required through the new ePAF process. Between May 2 and May 5, the Academic Personnel Office will review and update the job records before the summer jobs are applied in Job Data in PeopleSoft, which will occur over the May 7 weekend. Summer appointments in Job Data will then be available for review starting May 8.

Once summer jobs are applied in Job Data, departments will need to enter payroll distributions for these employees. These distributions will need to be completed prior to the end of the pay period of 5/5/06 – 5/18/06.

As noted above, an instructional guide to assist with this process is available; please see http://www.erp.ufl.edu/training/docs/HR_SummerJobReviewFile.pdf . Additionally, if you have any questions about this process, please contact Academic Personnel Office at 392-1251.

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