University of Florida Fleet Management Initiative

Published: June 12th, 2006

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Ed Poppell, Vice President, Finance and Administration

As the University of Florida continues with its sustainability initiatives, we are announcing a new comprehensive fleet management program. The intent of this program is to reduce the number of university vehicles on campus, while providing cost effective alternatives to vehicle ownership. The goals of this program include the optimization of vehicle and fuel efficiency and a transition to low-carbon and alternative fuels. Following are the specific implementation objectives of the Fleet Management Initiative.

  1. The University of Florida will continue to employ a decentralized ownership model with each department or college owning, leasing, or renting vehicles based on need. Fleet Management Services, along with Purchasing, will coordinate this initiative and set a minimum usage criterion for university vehicles.
    1. University vehicles driven for administrative purposes should travel a minimum of 6,000 miles per year to justify ownership.
    2. Vehicles exempt from the minimum mileage standard include vehicles used as work platforms and specialty vehicles; such as bucket trucks, heavy equipment, and emergency/public safety vehicles.
    3. Departments and colleges are discouraged from purchasing or owning vehicles that will not meet the minimum travel mileage criterion.
  2. Beginning August 1, 2006, all departments and colleges will be assessed an annual fleet management fee of $3,000 per vehicle parked in a reserved space or area on campus.
  3. Lease and rental services are currently available through Avis as well as Enterprise; contract pricing for these agencies can be found on the UF Purchasing website. Enterprise rental has been added to enhance the type and size of vehicles available.
  4. Fleet Management Services will negotiate alternative transportation services, including hourly rentals, through a car-sharing service such as ZipCar or FlexCar.
  5. Beginning September 1, 2006, Fleet Management Services will also begin to pilot a taxi service for campus. Additional information will follow on this pilot service.
  6. Fleet Management Services will provide maintenance, safety inspection, and fueling services for UF vehicles, maintenance and fueling services for lease vehicles not covered by contract, and fueling services for rental vehicles not covered by contract.
    1. a. Physical Plant Division will make available low-carbon and alternative fuels to support the university’s flex and alternative fuel vehicle initiative.

Additional information on the Fleet Management Initiative is on the PPD website at

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