2007 BellSouth Gainesville Telephone Directory, Suncom On-line Directory and Directory Distribution

Published: August 31st, 2006

Category: Memos

John Madey, Associate Director UF CNS-Telecommunications

Note: Please forward this memo to your appropriate staff.

It is time to review your University of Florida department listings in the BellSouth and Suncom directories and to request your phone books for the coming year.

To Update BellSouth Listings:
Please review your department’s listings in the current BellSouth directory. BellSouth listings for UF begin on page 116 of the Gainesville Business white pages. Determine how you wish your department name and telephone number to appear in next year’s directory, enter this information in the form at the link below and submit NO LATER THAN September 15th to ensure an accurate listing for your department:


This form is for departmental listings only. DO NOT send personnel listings.

To Update Suncom Listings:
Updated departmental listings for the online SUNCOM directory must be received in our office NO LATER THAN SEPTEMBER 15th in order to meet the Division of Communications deadline. Review the University of Florida listings for Suncom, online at:http://411.myflorida.com. To see UF listings, select Search by University at the left of the screen, then search for University of Florida. After reviewing your Suncom listing, update your listing and submit at: http://telenet.cns.ufl.edu/cgi-bin/SUNCOMDirectory.cgi

Directory Distribution:
CNS-Telecommunications is responsible for the distribution of the University of Florida Campus and BellSouth Directory. For departments related to the units or buildings listed below, you will receive directories through bulk shipments and do not need to submit requests. Contact the appropriate department to receive your directories:

    Housing, Harold Wheeler 392-6030 (residents)
    Student Gov. (Reitz) Sandy Vernon 392-1665 (off-campus students)
      Shands, 1329, & Med Plaza
      Off-campus IFAS locations

To Submit Directory Requests:
All other campus units will need to update location and directory quantities to be delivered.If you do not update your location and directory quantity request you will not receive any directories. Please use the following link to submit your request for directories: http://telenet.cns.ufl.edu/cgi-bin/DirectoryRequest.cgi

Directory requests must be submitted by September 29th. If you have any questions concerning your listings, call CNS -Telecommunications at 392-1139.

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