Employees’ 2006 W-2 forms

Published: January 18th, 2007

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Michael V. McKee, Assistant Vice President and University Controller

Employees’ 2006 W-2 forms will be distributed from University Tax Services (Room 24, Tigert Hall) to departments on January 26, 2007. Employees will also receive an Employee Year-End Earnings Statement which will assist them with matching earnings, deductions and taxes to their W-2s. This statement will be similar to the earnings statement provided by the Bureau of State Payrolls prior to the University’s devolution from the State of Florida.

IRS regulations require the University to distribute the 2006 W-2 forms to employees on or before January 31, 2007. Departmental payroll administrators must distribute their 2006 W-2s to employees by this deadline. The 2006 W-2 forms that are mailed to employees must be postmarked by January 31, 2007. W-2 forms that are returned by mail to the departmental payroll administrators must be returned to University Tax Services for safekeeping.

Foreign national employees or nonresident aliens will receive their IRS 1042-S forms on or before March 15, 2007 since these employees have special withholding and reporting requirements with the IRS. Nonresident aliens receiving IRS 1042-S forms will not receive Employee Year-End Earnings Statements.

Employees should direct any questions concerning their W-2, W-2C, 1042-S forms and Employee Year-End Earnings Statements to University Tax Services at 392-1324 or visit the website at University Tax Services – Finance and Accounting – UF (< ahref=”http://fa.ufl.edu/tax”>http://fa.ufl.edu/tax).

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