University Committee Nominations 2007-2008

Published: January 16th, 2007

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Carol Ritzen Kem, Chair, Senate Nominating Committee

Each year the University of Florida offers employees the opportunity to participate in its governance through various university committees, boards, and councils. Faculty, Administrators and Staff are all encouraged to serve as a member of one or more of these entities. All nominations will receive due consideration.

The Senate Nominating Committee invites recommendations for nominations to fill these vacancies. We encourage self- nominations. If you choose to nominate a colleague, please be sure to verify their willingness to serve before completing the nomination form.

The nomination form is posted to the Senate Website at We ask you to fill out the form completely before submitting it. Please check to see that you meet the requirements, if any, to serve for the committees you are interested in and rank up to four preferences on the nomination form with “1” as your first preference, etc. If you are willing to serve on any committee that has a need, please mark the form in the box provided. Submit the completed form by January 26, 2007.

If you have any questions concerning these committees, you may call or send an email to any of the following members of the Senate Nominating Committee:

Cenzer, Douglas
392-0281 x262

Eaverly, Mary Ann

Katovich, Michael

Kem, Carol Ritzen
392-4919 x1731

Sasnett-Stauffer, Gail

Swaminathan, Sankar

Turner, R. Elaine
392-1991 x224

We hope that you will use this opportunity to become more active in our university. Thank you for your participation.

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