Identity Standards Notice

Published: May 7th, 2007

Category: Memos

Joseph Hice, Jr., Associate Vice President, Marketing and Public Relations

Just a reminder that the final deadline for transition to the new identity standards is August 31. The deadline applies to all UF stationery and business cards, along with other materials that are reprinted on an annual or regular basis. You can continue to use “old logo” stationery and business cards until 8/31. Other printed materials such as brochures with the old logo (that were printed prior to 8/1/06) can be used past 8/31/07, until depleted.

Also, please do not throw away any “old-logo” materials. An “Identity Awareness Campaign” will begin soon which will provide environmentally-friendly options for disposal of any items not used by August 31.

If you want to include them in your current budget, this would be a good time to review your stock and order any new materials.

Please contact Dan Williams at with any questions.

Thanks for your assistance in helping us with this final step in conversion to the new identity standards.

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