International Educator of the Year Award 2007

Published: September 27th, 2007

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Dennis C. Jett, Dean of the UF International Center

The International Educator of the Year Award was created in 2004 to recognize outstanding international endeavors by UF faculty members. This year, colleges are asked to choose at least one untenured or newly tenured faculty and one senior faculty member to receive the award for their college. The winner of each award will receive $1000. An overall, campus-wide winner in both categories will receive $2000.

Each college is free to develop its own review process, but the following procedure is suggested.

-Nominations are made by department chairs and submitted to an awards committee within each college.

-The nomination should be based primarily on a memo of no more than three pages describing the international accomplishments of the faculty member.

-In making its decision each college’s award committee should look for excellence in at least two of the following factors:

Research: The extent to which the faculty member’s research made a significant contribution to his/her discipline and how that work involved international activities.

Teaching: The extent to which the faculty member’s teaching increased student awareness of international issues and involved them in study or research activities abroad. Also the extent to which courses with international content were developed and how that affected the curriculum.

Service: The extent to which the international activities raised UF’s profile as a major research university and the benefits derived from them including the number and way people were affected should both be described.

A reception will be held during International Education Week November 12 to 16 to honor the award recipients. Nominees from previous years may be resubmitted to compete for the campus-wide award.

The nominations from each college should inform the International Center by November 2, 2007. They should include the three page memo and a one paragraph description of the recipients’ work and why he/she was chosen for the award. This material, and any questions should be directed to Dean Dennis Jett, UF International Center, The Hub, POB 113225; by email at; or by telephone phone 273-1536.

Thank you.

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