Equipment Use Fee

Published: April 21st, 2008

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Sheri P. Austin, Director, University Budgets

We are now accepting applications to establish Equipment Use Fees as allowed by the Florida Statutes FS1009.24(13)(n).

The Equipment Use Fee program allows units to charge for significant equipment that is used to prepare students for their career or profession and is used for instructional purposes only with direct use by the students. Please review the Equipment Use Fee Development Guidelines for specific definitions and applicability.

Charges include the annual cost of replacement, maintenance and repair and insurance for significant equipment. The total annual cost of the equipment is allocated to the percentage of use by undergraduate students on a per course basis. This is similar to the Material and Supply fee.

Please review the Equipment Use Fee Development Guidelines, Request Form and instructions. These documents can be found at

Colleges and Departments are reminded that (1) they must maintain auditable records of the direct use of the equipment by undergraduate students; and (2) DEPTFLEX fields are required for Equipment Use Fee expenditures at the pool level for all revenue and expenditures.

Please submit your requests no later than June 13, 2008. Please call Susan Morris at 392-2402 if you have any questions.

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