2008 University of Florida Teacher Scholar of the Year Award Winner

Published: April 21st, 2008

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Janie M. Fouke, Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs

I am pleased to announce Lynn B. Bailey, Ph.D., as the 2008 recipient of the University’s highest faculty teaching and research recognition award—the Teacher Scholar of the Year Award. Dr. Bailey, Professor in Food Science and Human Nutrition, received the Presidential Medallion during last night’s teaching awards ceremony at Emerson Alumni Hall.

Dr. Bailey’s research accomplishments and scholarly activities in the field of human nutrition relate to the vitamin folic acid/folate which when taken during early fetal development will prevent a large percentage of major birth defects and is also linked to reduced chronic disease risk in the aged. Over the course of 30 years, Dr. Bailey has conducted human metabolic studies to determine how much of this vitamin is required to maintain optimal health for individuals of all ages including pregnant women and the elderly. Scientific knowledge has been greatly expanded by Dr. Bailey’s numerous publications which have established her as a global expert in the field of folate nutrition.

Dr. Bailey’s research expertise and accomplishments in this area were recognized by the FDA which selected her to serve as a member of the Folic Acid Advisory Committee whose recommendation led to folic acid fortification of the US and Canadian food supply. The scholarly work of Dr. Bailey was also the basis of her selection as a member of the National Academy of Sciences (NAS) Committee that revised the dietary intake recommendations for folate and other B vitamins. Dr. Bailey currently is very involved in global efforts to reduce folate-related birth defects in developing countries including ongoing collaboration research in China and as an advisor to the CDC for folic acid fortification programs and public health policies. At UF, Dr. Bailey has been actively involved in teaching and directing research programs for both undergraduate and graduate students who were given the unique opportunity to work as a member of a clinical nutrition research team.

Dr. Bailey has received many prestigious awards including the USDA Superior Achievement Award and the March of Dimes national award for major accomplishments in the area of fetal and maternal medicine. In addition, the American Society for Nutrition selected Dr. Bailey as the recipient of the Centrum Science Award for research accomplishments in the area of human nutrition. The University of Florida has recognized Dr. Bailey for both her research and teaching accomplishments awarding her the UF Professional Excellence Award, the UF Professional Merit Award, the UF Research Foundation Professorship Award, the Gamma Sigma Delta Senior Research Scientist Award, and the UF Blue Key Distinguished Faculty Award. For more information on Dr. Bailey and other awardees, please visit our website at http://www.aa.ufl.edu/aa/facdev/career/teacher-scholar.shtml

Congratulations Dr. Bailey!

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